Tradition hinders our progress

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Tradition Hinders Our Progress

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Traditions are not an impeading meant of progress to have a better society, Traditions are our roots, And create a society we need to put the traditions together to créate an equal and respectful society towards the different traditions an costumes.

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For Only $/page. ORDER NOW. I quote, “Tradition is an explanation for acting without thinking.

Argumentative Essay on Tradition – An Obstacle to Progress

” I unquote. Influence of traditions has been very strong not only in the sub. Dec 27,  · While having traditions might not hinder our technical progress (although some customs will still do so, look at religious opposition to stem cell research for example), bad habits can come out of something you do because it's always been done.

Tradition is a natural enemy to progress because progress is the antithesis to tradition. The words are antonyms. However, if you mean, for example, the belief in God being an obstacle to progress, or anything along that line, that is beyond a question of tradition and progress.

But tradition has its own significance --let us take an example, when their is a tradition of having a marriage in the caste. Because of this tradition one can marry easily without any problem.

Tradition Hinders Our Progress Essay Tradition is the enemy of progress Weather it's religious traditions preventing the study of the dead for better understanding of the living to the churches traditions stopping the progress into the realization that the Earth is not the center of the universe or to take something recent Umbilical cord.

Tradition hinders our progress
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In general, would progress come faster with the elimination of traditions? |